Our Scholarships for Girls

Olive Tree scholarships are structured to help enhance the confidence and self-image of young women who attend prestigious private schools. Our scholarships close gaps in traditional financial aid by providing funding for incidental costs related to uniforms, books, athletics, class trips and technology. These costs may be categorized as incidental, but our supporters know that they are key components of a positive overall educational experience.

At Columbus School for Girls (CSG), incidental costs per student can exceed $2,500 annually. In privileged environments, a lack of resources may hinder a student’s level of engagement in social, athletic and academic opportunities. Olive Tree scholarships aim to pick up where academic scholarships traditionally leave off, and these supplemental funds help deserving young women maintain their pride and educational focus.

Help Close Financial Aid Gaps and Cultivate Success

Traditional financial aid does not typically cover expenses related to uniforms, books, tutoring, athletics, class trips, technology and more. Incidental costs for a high-school student in private school can exceed $2,500 annually.

High-School Incidental Cost Overview
Technology* $480 - $500
Junior Class Trip* $465
Graduation Fee* $340
Graduation Dress & Shoes $300
Basic ACT/SAT Test Prep. (Kaplan-9 classes) $299
Books** $160
Prom Dress, Shoes, & Dinner $350
Athletic Shoes & Gear $250
Tutoring $40/hr. avg.
Instrument Rental $40/mo. avg.
One Full Basic Uniform - Sweater: $36/each; Skirt: $34/each; Pants: $22/each; Shorts: $18; Long sleeve oxford: $18/each; Short-sleeve oxford: $16/each; Knee-highs: $4/each $148
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